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    Outdoor lighting fixtures create a safe and comfortable villa outdoor night view

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    Outdoor lighting fixtures create a safe and comfortable villa outdoor night view

    Release date:2018-09-10 Author:LINDE Click:

    At night, well-designed outdoor lighting fixtures ensure natural and excessive lighting inside and outside the villa. It makes corridors, courtyards, steps and passages look different in the night scene. Use these rules to create a safer and more comfortable outdoor night view of the villa.

    1. Create a visual destination.

    Aging eyes need more light to distinguish details. Therefore, when an old man needs to walk in the villa, in the dark, he needs to clearly point out that he should pass the outdoor light. All lights should be collected or pointed to a destination, usually the front door or entrance of the villa. This is the highlight of this property.

    2, clearly define the area of outdoor lighting fixtures.

    Maybe you have more than one outdoor attraction that you use at night. So you can't light up the location of the villa building to give up. Although you can have lights and path lights leading to the front door, you can use different things to illuminate the garage door like an embedded downlight. The key is to create differences and use different colors or brightness levels.


    3, an elevated perspective.

    Creating perspective lights can help people with special needs navigate their view. Because aging eyes are difficult to observe and contrast, especially at night, your outdoor lighting fixtures need to make them obvious. The characteristic trees and other institutions of the lighting villa allow you to stay out of the way in the dark. item. At the same time, the ladder lights are always installed on any outdoor stairs, as this is an area that is difficult to navigate in the dark.

    4, highlight the rest place.

    On the upper deck and yard, along the way, the elderly need to find armrests and seats easy. Consider using a lighted or rope light to highlight the safety rails so that people in need can approach them at any time. If you enter an outdoor bench, use lights or down lights to show where they are resting.

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