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    Outdoor lighting fixtures visually reflect the shape and scale of the city

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    Outdoor lighting fixtures visually reflect the shape and scale of the city

    Release date:2018-07-04 Author:LINDE Click:

    The bridge is an important and convenient traffic artery in the city. The LED landscape lighting project is designed to illuminate the lamps through different lightings, showing the majestic appearance of the bridge and decorating the night sky of the city.

    Led landscape lighting engineering design, first of all to determine the location of the lighting, lighting fixture spacing and high and low settings, directly affecting the actual effect of bridge lighting and maintenance management difficulties. If the luminaires on both sides of the bridge are too high, the radiation radiation and reflection effect are not obvious. At the same time, if the position of the illuminating luminaire is too high, the luminaire is easy to receive external damage, and the safety hazard and operation and maintenance costs are increased. Outdoor lighting is mainly to highlight the shape of the bridge to achieve the purpose of beautifying the city at night.

    Led landscape lighting engineering design lamps and equipment, and the general lighting work environment is different, bridge lighting lamps and equipment installation process, to fully do the lighting and equipment line anti-aging, square rain shower work.

    With the development of the economy, the concept of lighting design for rural landscape lighting has also been paid more and more attention. The rural landscape lighting planning takes the rural natural landscape and the quaint human environment as the core, retains the cultural characteristics of the local villages, and rationally enhances the economic value of rural tourism.



    Rural landscape lighting night lighting is the most common development method for night tourism projects. Use nightscapes that are not available during the day to create effects such as night lighting. Good night landscaping effects can change the visual focus and depth to better highlight the rural landscape. Night lighting is generally used in landscape tourism scenic spots, creating a nighttime landscape effect that is different from the daytime landscape, and can be equipped with leisure facilities such as gazebos, teahouses, night cruises, etc. in various places to develop tourism resources in various forms to make the scenic spots of the scenic spots Travel is even more exciting than daytime travel!

    The rural landscape lighting is people-centered, highlighting key points, energy saving and environmental protection, economic security, and accurately grasping the choice of lighting source. The landmark buildings and important landscape nodes adopt a proper illumination and appropriate lighting facilities to create a rich visual layering.

    As part of the urban lighting project, outdoor lighting fixtures have also enhanced their image and reputation and reputation while beautifying the city's night sky. Especially with the advancement of lighting technology and the diversification of lighting techniques, “Never Night City” has been seen. The various structures of the city, especially the high-rise buildings, need to be set off by lights, and the lighting design of the building came into being.

    The design of outdoor lighting fixtures is very important for the display of a city's charm. In which aspects?

    1. Highlight the face and point of the city

    In the night city, the buildings in the central area of the city are more concentrated, forming a group of buildings. The density of the buildings is higher, the brightness of the lights is higher, and the landmark buildings of the city are often located in the central area. Neon advertisements, light box signs, interior lighting and exterior lighting of the building make the central area form a bright area embedded in the road network, making the central structure of the city clear. The other parts of the city, that is, the single-point lighting, the lighting is relatively uniform, the light density is small, the brightness is low, and the types are few, which becomes the base of the urban lighting environment and plays a supporting role.

    2, clear city outline

    The outline of the city under the sun is determined by the shape, color and architectural shadow of the edge of the building. The more well-organized the city, the closer it is to the surrounding environment, the harder it is to distinguish the outline of the city. The urban lighting project at night clearly outlines the outline of the city, which is clearly different from the surrounding area. When the night looks at the city from a height, the outline is complete and clear, which visually reflects the shape and scale of the city.

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