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    Talking about the methods and concepts of outdoor lighting fixture design

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    Talking about the methods and concepts of outdoor lighting fixture design

    Release date:2018-07-04 Author:LINDE Click:

    Highlighting the characteristics of the city, the urban lighting outdoor lighting engineering design is the first principle to highlight the urban characteristics of the garden water city. The function of outdoor lighting project and night scene art combination, the night scene must first construct a safe public environment, and can pass the unique lighting shape of the city. The smart city lighting landscape enhances the taste of the city night.

    Highlighting the main body and the overall coordination, the night scene lighting under the premise of overall coordination, constructing a rich layer of urban landscape, green outdoor lighting engineering principles, our lighting outdoor lighting engineering design mainly uses modern energy-saving, environmentally friendly LED lamps to avoid energy Waste, control light pollution, and form a good light environment.

    Comprehensive coordination, in order to avoid duplication of construction, our urban lighting outdoor lighting engineering design takes into account the long-term development of the city, moderately advanced, to achieve sustainable development of night lighting. Take all factors into consideration, combine the city's current situation, fully consider the construction, maintenance, management and other factors of the project, and make the most scientific lighting plan.


    The method and concept of outdoor lighting fixture design:

    First, the building is the protagonist, the outdoor lighting project is the supporting role, and strive to be a supporting role.

    Second, simplicity is not simple: the overall planning and refinement of the designer to achieve the root causes of various indicators such as conservation, environmental protection, and we also prevent interference to residents and protect the laws of plants at night.

    Third, provide suitable outdoor lighting solutions: based on the characteristics of the building as a criterion, taking into account existing and future factors, to achieve comprehensive design and design, construction safety, investment and save money.

    Fourth, from the beginning of the program, we will always pay attention to the details of each link, and at the same time, we can directly face the problem, take responsibility, and solve the problem quickly.

    Regarding the urban outdoor lighting project, it was very hot last year and it will be even hotter this year. It may be a good time for a once in a hundred years. How to grasp the context of the city's outdoor lighting project, various discussions I think that no matter what the opinions are, it must meet the needs of the new era. The warm and peaceful lighting is still inseparable, bringing joy to the people and bringing more sense of acquisition is the most important. If the color temperature is the "keynote" of the city, then adding the appropriate color is also the "cavity" of the city.

    The city has one line, two lines, three lines and four lines. The city's outdoor lighting fixtures are the fastest and most effective way to eliminate the "urban-rural difference". You brighten me too, and you dazzle me more. How to Avoid the problem of "one thousand cities side" and one hundred towns side is indeed a difficult point. How to find creative entry points? Designers need to find out. Urban buildings have characteristics, urban outdoor lighting projects are relatively easy to start. Example, Guangzhou Xiaoman Waist, Shanghai Oriental Pearl, the light in the middle of the standard is the success, because the special-shaped building is first, the icing on the cake is relatively easy. If the building is assimilated, what should be done This requires the designer to conceive, "I know the leadership intention, Under the knowledge of the needs of the masses, it is really necessary to make every effort to make the city a better place.

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